Mr. Trần Nguyên Vũ is IBM Vietnam’s Country Manager of Software Group, a business that is at the forefront of IBM’s transformation towards a cognitive and cloud platform company.

IBM Software is designed to solve the most challenging needs of organizations large and small, across all industries worldwide. Since 2013, IBM has been building and acquiring the capabilities necessary to lead in data and analytics, deepening its industry expertise and growing partnerships and ecosystems. IBM’s software portfolio has shifted to value-added areas to re-align with the company’s transformation. In 2017, IBM Watson under IBM Software has become the AI platform for business, and is expected to touch one billion people this year. IBM is also the global leader in cloud for the enterprise sector, growing at an outstanding 35% in 2016.

Mr. Nguyên Vũ joined IBM in 2007 and has held a variety of technical, sales and leadership roles. His most recent position was IBM Vietnam’s Country Manager of Global Technology Services Group, where he led the transformation and optimization of the organization towards a greater focus on managed services and high-value services.